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Design of a portable solid fuel forge.
Hook knife made from a saw blade and firewood.
Carving knives made from a sawblade and firewood.
Studio light you can make from a $12 vanity fixture.
See how well our build of a Thein Ballfe cyclone seperator stacks up against the Onieda Dust Deputy
A Simple Forge Built From a Car Wheel and Scrap Steel
See how well this simple dust collection cyclone stacks up against the Onieda Dust Deputy
Learn how to build a swarm trap and catch free bees!
An introduction to the Simple Low Cost Beekeeping series.
What do you get when you combine a $40 electric chainsaw and a $30 beam cutting guide? A $70 electric sawmill.
Awesome Jalepeno hot sauce recipe.
A machete is created from a junk sawblade and a walnut log.
Build a DSLR microscope mount from PVC pipe and jeweler's loupes.
Build a simple and inexpensive torsion box workbench using dimensional lumber and plywood.
A handy helping hand that is made from 6" bar clamps and 5/8" hardware.